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Thinking about St. Peter this morning. He just didn’t catch on. What did St. Peter have that God would choose him even after he denied him 3 times. Peter spoke before he thought. That can be irritating. Acts and then thinks. Always says the wrong thing. But God chose Peter. God chooses dummies. That’s why He chose me!

So, what did Peter have? He wasn’t afraid or ashamed to fail. Many are petrified of it. There’s no disgrace in failing. Am I honest? Do I have integrity? No one believes in the truth today. No one wants to hear it. But Peter was willing to do what most would find ridiculous. Out of obedience to God. Peter was obedient. Simple, honest – obedient. He threw the net. And Jesus filled it with fish. Peter didn’t even recognize the Lord. It was John who said, “It’s the Lord.” Because when you love God, you recognize Him. John loved the Lord. But poor Peter. He couldn’t get anything right. St. Peter wraps his cloak around him and then jumps into the water. When Peter realized it was Jesus, he RAN to Him. He accepted God’s forgiveness. He didn’t doubt for a second that he was forgiven. He was sorry. He knew that God forgives and forgets. God teaches us how to forgive by giving example. He showed us that it’s our enemies who teach us to forgive. We learn by our sins. Or not. We’re to forgive and then serve as Jesus served. Most of us would have been unable to face Jesus in that boat.

Dear disciples, many will not listen to one such as Peter, one such as you. You’ll be mocked for your obedience and willingness. Eyes will roll. Peter said yes. That’s all he asks of us.

Always keep this in mind: Don’t harbor hatred. Believe in God’s way: simplicity, humility, trust. Be attuned to God’s will. Be obedient, say yes. It’s not easy sometimes, but we can get up and begin again like Peter. The greatest gift we can give to God is to accept His mercy, which is infinite. Blessings!


What is Divine Mercy Sunday?

Today is Divine Mercy Sunday  – Second Sunday of Easter

The message of The Divine Mercy is simple. It is that God loves us – all of us. And, he wants us to recognize that His mercy is greater than our sins, so that we will call upon Him with trust, receive His mercy, and let it flow through us to others. Thus, all will come to share His joy.

The Divine Mercy message is one we can call to mind simply by remembering ABC:

A – Ask for His Mercy. God wants us to approach Him in prayer constantly, repenting of our sins and asking Him to pour His mercy out upon us and upon the whole world.

B – Be merciful. God wants us to receive His mercy and let it flow through us to others. He wants us to extend love and forgiveness to others just as He does to us.

C – Completely trust in Jesus. God wants us to know that the graces of His mercy are dependent upon our trust. The more we trust in Jesus, the more we will receive.

This message and devotion to Jesus as The Divine Mercy is based on the writings of Saint Faustina Kowalska, an uneducated Polish nun who, in obedience to her spiritual director, wrote a diary of about 600 pages recording the revelations she received about God’s mercy. Even before her death in 1938, the devotion to The Divine Mercy had begun to spread.

The message and devotional practices proposed in the Diary of Saint Faustina and set forth in this web site and other publications of the Marians of the Immaculate Conception are completely in accordance with the teachings of Church and are firmly rooted in the Gospel message of our Merciful Savior. Properly understood and implemented, they will help us grow as genuine followers of Christ.

Spend time to learn more about the mercy of God, learn to trust in Jesus, and live your life as merciful to others, as Christ is merciful to you.


“Come, therefore, to Me when it is not well with you.  What hinders you most is that you turn yourself to Me too slowly; before you pray heartily to Me you seek many other comforts, and refresh your spirit in outward things.  And so it comes about that all that you do helps you little, until you can behold and see that I am He who sends comfort to all who faithfully call to Me, and that without Me there can be no profitable counsel or perfect remedy.”

 – The Imitation of Christ, Thomas a Kempis
Today’s Holy Mass Readings

“How precious the gift of the Cross, how splendid to contemplate! In the Cross there is no mingling of good and evil, as in the tree of paradise: it is wholly beautiful to behold and good to taste. The fruit of this tree is not death but life, not darkness but light. This tree does not cast us out of paradise, but opens the way for our return.” – St. Theodore the Studite

Good Friday of the Lord’s Passion Readings.

Thursday in Holy Week

As we begin the last three days of our journey with Jesus to the Cross, I wanted to post this beautiful excerpt from The Imitation of Christ, by Thomas a Kempis:

“Take, therefore, your cross and follow Jesus, and you shall go to life everlasting.  He has gone before you, bearing His Cross, and died for you upon that Cross so that you should in like manner bear with Him the cross of penance and tribulation, and that you should be ready in like manner for His love to suffer death, if need be, as He has done for you.  If you die with Him you will live with Him; if you are His companion with Him in pain, you will be His companion in glory.”

Blessed be God forever!