Pray the Rosary

When we recite the Holy Rosary, we are reflecting deeply on the lives of Jesus and Mary as written in the Gospels. Therefore, we must clear our minds of all things temporal to hear what God is saying to us as we meditate on His life, His death and His glory.

It’s not always easy to set aside twenty minutes to pray the Rosary, but when we do, God amazes us with His grace; He rewards us for offering our time and energy as sacrifice for Him. If we find it impossible to pray five Mysteries after a tiring day, we may discover that praying with others can be encouraging and uplifting; peaceful and comforting, like a mother singing softly to her child. We’re never alone. Jesus’ Mother is ours; He gave her to us as she stood at the foot of the Cross and watched Him suffer and die. Now, through her historical messages to the world, she has taught us how to know Her Son through the events of His life and honor Him by imitating His virtues found in each of the Mysteries she asks us to pray daily.

Reciting the Rosary not only teaches, it gives us a sweet taste of Heaven as we begin to fall in love with our Savior and grow in grace and holiness. The more wisdom and understanding we receive, the more joyful we become and the brighter our lights shine.

I invite you to add a new method of prayer to yours by giving your weariness to Our Lady and consider praying the Rosary along with me. In no time you’ll discover how much you are loved by God, who is Love and Truth itself. Here’s the link to the videos on my new Facebook page, Catechist Daily.

[Originally published at Amazing Catechists.]


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