True Riches

Today’s Gospel of St. Matthew appears in the first paragraph of the Catechism’s Section Two on The Ten Commandments, “Teacher, what must I do…?” (Catechism, Para. 2052)

Fr. John Anthony Hardon’s writing on the young rich man is one of the best I’ve read, and since I can’t say it better, I’m sharing it with the hope that you’ll notice that, like Jesus, Fr. Hardon doesn’t sugar coat the Commandments (or any part of the Faith) because as disciples, we aren’t here to win popularity kidding!  We’re here to proclaim the Truth of Christ, which will still be Truth long after we’re gone.

Take it, Fr. Hardon!

“What’s our responsibility? To pray, pray on bended knees, pray for the conversion of these intoxicated people who are living in a worldly dream from which they will awaken the moment their souls leave their bodies. What’s our responsibility? To sacrifice everything in this world no matter how precious that may be in our lives to bring these millions of souls into the treasures of a blessed eternity with God.” – Fr. John Anthony Hardon…FULL ARTICLE HERE…


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