Jesus Came to Save

A reflection on today’s Sacred Scripture:

The whole town was gathered at the door” (Mark 1:33).

And Jesus healed them all.  Simon’s mother-in-law experienced the miraculous touch of Jesus, and all who heard came at once to be healed by Him.

They came the next day as well.  “Everyone is looking for you,” His companions told Him, so Jesus continued healing the sick, driving out demons and preaching to them.  At night, Jesus would rest His weary head and start over again, rising at dawn to pray to His Father for strength, and then carry on, healing and teaching.

What draining work it was for Jesus, whose human sufferings were real.  Casting out even one demon couldn’t have been easy—imagine a whole town’s worth!  All those desperate souls would be such a weight for us, but Jesus wasn’t put out, for the weight of His cross began long before His walk to Calvary, “For this purpose have I come” (Mark 1:38).

Jesus came to save.  He devoted His days on earth seeing to the needs of the suffering, which in one form or another is everyone.  Jesus continues His ministry today through the Holy Spirit and heals us when we gather at His door, so that together in prayer to our Father who fortifies us, we may be His hands, His feet and His voice, helping all who need Him.



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