*stealing jenny, by ellen gable

STEALING JENNY, by Ellen Gable

On returning to my Catholic faith nine years ago, I became impassioned with Catholic non-fiction, devouring all I could about Sacred Scripture, Catholic doctrine, Church history and the lives of the saints, while forsaking my interest in reading fiction altogether. Since becoming a writer at Amazing Catechists and reading the works of some very talented co-columnists, I stumbled on the release of Ellen Gables’s new book, “Stealing Jenny.” Since Ellen was offering a complimentary Kindle version of the book for a short period of time, I ordered it.

And what great Catholic fiction it was…a page turner! “Stealing Jenny” is a story of a young Catholic couple, Jenny and Tom, who’ve received what the Church’s traditional practice sees as a great sign of God’s blessing – their five children. With another child on the way, the story becomes a thriller when a deranged, childless woman kidnaps Jenny to take the baby she feels is owed her – she stalks and “steals” the pregnant Jenny and awaits the birth of her baby so that she can run off with the child as though it were a piece of property.

From beginning to end, “Stealing Jenny” so beautifully touches the multifarious aspects of the dignity of human life, as well as the great suffering of the childless. Ellen’s knowledge of the Catholic faith and her real-life experience in raising a large family makes this a perfect read for young people exploring love and facing real-life decisions as she takes them by the hand and offers them the fullness of truth: that a child possesses the right to be respected as a person from the moment of his conception.

What resounded with me after reading the last heartrending chapter is that a child is not something owed to one, but is a gift from God. Thank you, Ellen!


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